Online Card Games- Require Luck or Skills?

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Games
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Card games have always been a fantastic recreational activity. They are not new for anyone of us. In fact, India has been home to many popular card games like Rummy, Bridge, Poker, Blackjack etc. Such games not only help you to get relaxed but also add a flavor of fun & excitement in your boring life.

With the advancement in technology, these games are now available to us at a single click. You can play these games online. There are many sites which offer various card games like rummy, poker in different formats. You can play these games on free rolls as well as for cash.

Though many people think that playing card games is not a good practice but their narrow thinking seem to have no affect over the popularity of these games. Not only this, many people believe that winning in card games is just a matter of luck. But the real fact is that playing such games requires sharp calculative skills, ability to observe, ability to make quick decision, ability to analyze situations and many more.

Various card games like rummy, blackjack, poker etc. need thorough understanding of cards as these games require highly calculative & strategic moves. The game play involves fair memorizing power, strong observation, good concentration & the ability to deceive opponents. Though, luck plays a partial role but the ratio of luck to skills is 30-70.

For instance, while card game like poker is a game of calculations and information that can be played well by following some strong strategies for the game play; on the other hand, in rummy, the arrangement of cards so as to earn maximum points, choosing the right time for declaring, arranging cards in order to reduce penalty points, discarding deceiving cards etc. are some tricks which require one’s sharp mental skills and not luck.

In conclusion, one can say that card games are not favored by just sheer luck. Instead, you need to be a skilled player to win at the table!


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