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Posted: August 7, 2012 in Rummy
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Online gambling? That’s illegal in India! If you have heard it many times, then there is some good news for you, if you know how to play Rummy. In India, the Supreme Court has ruled that Rummy is a game of skill and its decision has been relied on in several subsequent judgement. So, you can still wage a bet if you sign up in one of the numerous Rummy online gaming portals available within India that allow ardent players to play for cash without violating the law. What sounds more delightful is that you can play round the clock at ease.

Don’t know how to play Online Rummy? Well! Learning card game is fun and easy, especially Rummy. The Rummy rules are quite simple, one do not require any in-born talent to grasp this game. But yes! If you want to beat your opponent and become the winner, then a well-thought strategy can act as a support or pave the way towards the victory. While playing Rummy online, always keep in mind that the winning or losing the game entirely depends on the degree of skill and not on the gambling or chance.

Rummy can be played for free as well as for cash. Players who want to enhance their Rummy skills can practice rummy for free till they understand the rules and tournaments in a better way. With online rummy site easily available playing Rummy has become a great fun.

But, certain websites prohibit players from certain regions from playing cash tournaments because the law of various states are absurd on defining Rummy as a game of skills. The transaction facility carried out is through secured payment gateways. Provisions are also inducted to players allowing them to play for money and transfer their winnings to their respective accounts provided in the websites through various options available such as debit cards, cash cards, credit cards and net banking facilities.

How to win huge cash with low stakes in online Rummy? Huge numbers of players come to play rummy online and join multiplayer tournaments to win cash. Reports reveal that only a small amount of the total traffic to the websites come to play for free. So, if you are interested in earning big cash prizes then join a multiplayer tournament as more players wage stake. is one of the online Rummy portals in India with multi-player format, which allows players to play with cash and win huge amount.

So, if you are confident enough that you have sound knowledge about online Rummy and are familiar with the set of Rummy rules, then sign up on premier online rummy site, and start winning cash!


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