Freeroll Poker Tournament

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Poker

Freeroll Poker Tournament is referred to a particular kind of offline or online tournament in poker having no entry fees. The prize pool is derived from a donation from the house, sponsorship fees, admission charged to spectators, broadcasting rights fees, or any combination of these.

The purpose of Freeroll Tournaments hosted by online poker sites can be to bring traffic to the site or to encourage the amateur players to play and learn the game. The game format can be Ring Game, ‘Sit N Go’ or both.

Freeroll tournaments are genuinely free, but sometimes it may require a deposit of funds into the player’s account. The winnings are either real money, points, merchandise or entry tickets (invitations) to other poker tournament of India.

Most of the Internet poker sites have free entry to their Freeroll tournaments although in some cases it may require a payment of points to play. These points typically can only be earned by paying and playing real money games which in essence is a payment required to play their ‘freerolls’. There are Internet sites that allow playing in freerolls without payment of any kind and with the chance to win real money and prizes. One such site is where you can play in various Freeroll Poker Tournaments for free and win exciting prizes like iPads, LED TVs, Samsung Mobile Phones etc.

However, Freeroll tournaments are not exclusive to poker. Freerolls are also conducted for other games like Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines etc. by various casinos and pubs.


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