Where Can I Play Online Poker Against Real People For Real Money? Is It Legal? Is It Safe?

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Poker
Poker is a very addictive card game that is now available online. After the advent of online poker there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who play poker. There is also a massive growth in the revenue that is generated by the online poker.

Play Live PokerPoker became very common during the 90’s and there were a lot of sites that offered free online poker. Planetpoker was the first site that enabled the players to play the game with real people using the real money. The first online poker game that involved real money was played in the year 1998.The sites now offer the players several features to lure them to play in their site. The usual feature that is offered is satellites with which the winner of the game can also take part in offline tournaments. There are a lot of players who have entered the World Series of Poker through such sites. There was a boom in the online poker after this.In the year 2004 an online gaming company acquired one of the biggest online card room called the paradisepoker.com. This was the first company that went public. After this a lot of card rooms followed suit. With this the poker websites developed drastically and there are almost 550 websites where one can play online poker.

Adda52.com, an Indian Online Gaming site, is also one such trusted platform for Indian Poker lovers, where they can play this wonderful game of poker online with real people and real money. So, why to wait?? Just visit the site and watch the game playing by many players, learn to play poker game and then play various game tournaments & win several prizes.

Legality & Safety While Playing Poker

Online poker is legal in a lot of nations. In United States people are still not sure. There are some places in America were people are allowed to play online poker with real people and real money. The payment is done through a third party who lets them use almost all the credit cards that are there in the USA. And, if there would be some regulated and a proper way to withdraw and deposit the money then the players can play online very comfortably with real money and people in USA. There are also the e-wallet services that can be used by the players.

There are several players who play online poker for real money every day in several poker sites. It is you who have to choose the right site and therefore can begin playing this wonderful card game very comfortably with real people and real money online. Lot of the poker sites are even certified by famous auditing firms and other bodies. These sites are normally vouched for their fair and proper payout system.


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