How can Indian players deposit money into poker sites? How can they withdraw?

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Poker
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If you are an Indian poker player, you have landed at the right page. Here in this write up we will tell you about how to deposit cash into poker sites safely and also how to withdraw them even more safely. The first and the foremost thing to take care is the selection of the right kind of online poker site that enjoys plenty of credibility and the trust of its patron players. This is important so that there are no complaints of any kind of fraud or swindling. This will ensure your and your money’s, safety and security.Most of the sites have no issues or troubles in accepting the credit cards for cash payments of poker players. While some sites are comfortable in accepting the cash, others are happy to accept payments through credit cards simply because it leaves behind an evidence of payment’s source, in benefit of online poker site as well as the player.

While the depositing of the cash is quite easy and effortless, the withdrawal process of the money involves a different track. Usually, the payment reaches back the player via the bank check that also involves some amount of bank charges. Now the actual problem arises when the withdrawal will happen to be of higher amount than that of the cash deposit.

Here are few more options that will guide you over the process of cash deposits and withdrawal on the online poker sites –

    • NETeller
    • FirePay
    • E-Passporte
    • iGM-Pay

Above mentioned sites are wonderful and a credible ways to deposit and withdraw funds over online poker sites. You can effortlessly open an account over any of these sites and use it with the help of credit card. These sites would act like a mediator between the poker player and the online poker site. Though such kind of cash transactions sites levy some charges for their services, which would seem to be negligible to you in comparison to their utility.If these transaction sites do not appeal you, you can certainly take help of pre-paid phone card that is can be effortlessly used as credit card. This option will also be quiet helpful in depositing cash over an online poker site. Some of the known pre-paid phone cards are EasyBuy Card and Global Connect Card.Conclusively, the prime idea is to keep your money safe and secure lest the whole pleasure of indulging in the poker game would vanish.


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