Growing Popularity of Poker in India

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Poker
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The popularity of poker has rapidly grown over the years in India as an exciting game. And with the introduction of online version of the game, enthusiastic poker players are seen to play poker round the clock because of the easy accessibility and simple rules of the game. However, there are few factors that play crucial role in propelling its popularity. So, what are those dynamic aspects made this card game so popular in India? Lets explore them!

Easy accessibility: Thanks to the internet! The online gives the players the freedom to play anytime from anywhere at their ease. Players can easily find players online to play against and showcase their skills. Poker is no more a game that is played only in metros. The internet has made it accessible for smaller cities.

Poker tournaments: The interesting online poker tournaments are another significant factor. Many online gaming portals to make the game interesting for players introduce tournaments where the players can put a nominal quantity of income and win cash. This is considered as an additional momentum for players who are interested in earning real cash through their playing skills.

Win real cash: Winnings are also considered to be an important factor to attract poker players. Players can wage a bet in the tournaments and win huge real cash with their skills.

Instant play: Players to start playing do not have to download any software. They can start playing their favourite game instantly by signing up. The quick & easy registration process allows players to play poker without limit in seconds.

Legality: Like Rummy, Poker is recognised as a legal game in India because it demands certain skills to win. Because of its legality, people love to come and play this exciting game.

Refer a friend: Apart from waging bets, players can also earn bonuses just by inviting their friends. This easy way to earn bonuses has made this game quite popular in India.

Many online gaming portals offer games filled with amazing features like rich & colourful interface, variety of avatars to choose from, fast game-play and more. The safe & secure environment of online poker also attracts hundreds of players to come and play poker.


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